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Monday, July 25, 2016

End Times in America?

"There was a cabaret, and there was a master of ceremonies... and there was a city called Berlin, in a country called Germany...and it was the end of the world." ― Joe Masteroff, Cabaret: The Illustrated Book and Lyrics
The late Elie Wiesel once observed that while we have a right to ask where God was during the Holocaust, we have a responsibility to ask where Man was. America in 2016 is turning into an eerie parallel of Germany in 1932. Where do you stand on the ranting racist demagogue with the 21st century version of the "leader principle," who promises to deport millions of people, openly use torture, and change the laws so he can persecute his critics? That this is even a question, let alone that polls show this maniac now taking a lead in public opinion, shows that American society is far, far sicker than any of us thought. We must change course, before it is too late!

Friday, July 8, 2016

One Nation, Indivisible

Before the awful crime in Dallas turns into another round of finger-pointing and division in this country, let's everyone remember that the police were there to PROTECT a PEACEFUL protest by citizens exercising their constitutional rights, and that news reports say that when the cops started taking fire, they PROTECTED civilians, doubtless including protestors (one of whom was shot by the snipers while shielding her son). We are ONE people and ONE society, police and citizens of all colors. Do not allow terrorists to divide us!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Wrong To Condemn Global Free Trade

George Orwell once remarked, in his essay on Kipling, that "all left-wing parties in the highly industrialized countries are at bottom a sham." His point when he wrote that in the 1940's was that the standard of living in the European imperialist countries, including the working class within them, depended on exploiting the "coolies" in the colonies.
But seventy years later, the colonies are independent countries and global free trade has greatly benefited the former "coolies," except for the poorest 5% globally, as Jordan Weissmann argues in Slate magazine. It's the working class and lower middle class in the former imperialist nations and the United States that have suffered, and Sanders focuses on them when he claims falsely that global free trade benefits only the very richest people worldwide.