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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Squeal of Tires, the Sizzle of Hot Writing (Review of Riding in Cars with Girls, by Evangeline Jennings)

Hey "noir" tough guys, watch out. The girls in Evangeline Jennings' Riding in Cars with Girls want to play, and they have been schooled in hard knocks of the kind most guys don't even know enough to have nightmares about. They're hot, sure, but they're not interested in you (and given the swinish males they have experience of, who dast blame them?) Look at them crosswise, or get in their way, and you're likely to get a bullet in the gut rather than a fist to the jaw.
The writing pops and sizzles. Graphic sex and violence done with high literary flair and panache. Highly recommended.
This review is cross-posted on Amazon and Goodreads.
Three Phoboses (out of three).

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