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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What if Earth Were Mired in Conflict?

The "news" today from Martin Berman-Gorvine's alternate-history early 21st century Earth is all about the American President's visit to Israel--they are two separate countries in this fictional world, along with about 189 other nations on Earth. In reality, of course, there are 240 members of the United States of Earth, which is the most prosperous and creative member of the Solar Federation.
As any Earth schoolchild can tell you, the Terran flag has 240 stars, one for each state, and 7 stripes, one for each continent.

In Berman-Gorvine's fantastical vision, many of these "countries" are at war with each other. Now, your average Solar reader, especially a Jovian or Saturnian, will find it quite incredible that so much conflict could exist in so small a space. And yet that was the case for most of Earth's history, until just two and a half centuries ago, when President Theodore Roosevelt, who had led the old USA through the Great War, declared that that insane conflict must be "the war to end all wars." (An obscure professor called Woodrow Wilson sued the great TR for "plagiarizing" that phrase, oddly enough.)
But what if the Earthly wars had just kept going? In Berman-Gorvine's dark vision, Israel is best by enemies on all sides, including one that's mentioned in the new article called "Iran," though I can't find any such state in my comprehensive Terran atlas--I think he may be referring to Persia.

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